News 18.12.2014

Bore has completed co-operation negotiations with its shore personnel

As a consequence of the planned exit of the CoA segment and focus on RoRo tonnage providing, Bore announced in October that it needs to adapt its shore organisation to the new shipping business model and started co-operation negotiations with its whole shore organisation of 31 employees. The negotiations have now been completed and the new structure of Bore’s organisation including management team has been confirmed.

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For further information:
Bore CEO Håkan Modig: + 358 9 61883 272

Bore Ltd is a shipping company since 1897, fully owned subsidiary of Rettig Group Ltd, with a fleet of nine RoRo vessels under Finnish and Dutch flag. The Bore fleet provides services with vessels that are highly maintained and designed for year-round service with Ice Class 1A or 1A Super. The Bore RoFlex® vessels are pioneers for sustainable and economical shipping. In 2013, the turnover was some EUR 65 million, capital employed EUR 212 million and the total number of employees 380.