Changes in Rettig Capital’s ownership

As a further step in strengthening the family’s long-term and committed ownership in Rettig Group’s parent company Rettig Capital, Cyril von Rettig has transferred a part of his shares to his daughter Maria and his son Tomas.

The ownership between Cyril and Tom von Rettig’s family branches remains unchanged:

Cyril von Rettig’s family branch 61 %
Tom von Rettig’s family branch 39 %

Both Maria and Tomas will become members of the Board of Directors in Rettig Capital. Otherwise, there are no changes in the governance of the companies. Cyril von Rettig will continue in his position as the Chairman of the Board of Directors in Rettig Group and his children will continue in their current positions within and outside the companies.

For more information please contact:
Bjarne Mitts, Chairman
Rettig Capital
tel. +358 400 317 400

Rettig Group is a Finnish family business that creates value for generations through sustainable and long-term growth. In all our businesses we focus on leading positions on selected markets and more customer value with less environmental impact. Today Rettig Group owns Rettig ICC – Europe’s leading supplier of heat emitters and indoor climate comfort; Nordkalk – Northern Europe’s leading supplier of limestone-based products for industry, agriculture and environmental care; and Bore – the industrial shipping service provider. In 2012, Rettig Group’s turnover was about 970 million euro and the group had about 4,400 employees in 25 countries.