Changes to certain responsibility areas in Rettig Group’s management team – Matts Rosenberg appointed Deputy CEO

We have clarified some of the roles and reorganised certain responsibility areas in our management team:

Matts Rosenberg is responsible for sourcing, analysing and executing all our equity investments, both in privately owned and publicly traded companies. The new title of Matts is Head of Core Investments and he is also Deputy CEO of Rettig Group.

Roger Lönnberg is responsible for sourcing, analysing and executing all our fund investments and non-equity financial investments. Roger’s new title is Head of Financial Investments. He is also the CEO of Anchor.

Pia Dahlqvist continues to be responsible for our brand and communications. Since June 2018 she is additionally responsible for Rettig Group’s HR. Pia’s new title is Head of Communications and HR.

Thomas Ekström will oversee Rettig Group’s treasury operations, run by Topi Jokiranta, as a part of his CFO responsibilities.

For further information, please contact:
Tomas von Rettig, President and CEO, Rettig Group

Pia Dahlqvist, Head of Communications and HR, Rettig Group
Tel. +358 40 526 7813
E-mail: pia.dahlqvist@rettig.fi