News 05.09.2014

First ship scrubbers based on dry desulphurisation technology to be commissioned – Nordkalk supplies absorbent

The German shipping company Rörd Braren will have flue-gas scrubbers based on dry desulphurisation technology installed onboard two of its ships. Nordkalk has been involved in the development of the dry scrubber solution, in which Nordkalk’s granules made of calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime, absorb sulphur from the exhaust gas.

The dry scrubber technology is emission-free, as the process does not generate washing waters that are discharged into the sea. Furthermore, the structure of the dry scrubber is relatively simple with a significantly lower energy demand in comparison to other scrubbers.

“We are very pleased with Braren’s choice, as it means that we now have a major dry scrubber and absorbent reference for the future. Nordkalk has been strongly focusing on absorbent development work and turnkey delivery solutions: we are able to supply ships with fresh absorbent as well as to recover the used material,” says Kjell Weppling, who is in charge of Nordkalk’s FGD Vessels project.

The directive limiting sulphur emissions from ships will come into force at the beginning of 2015 and apply to ships operating in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the English Channel. Once the directive is in force, the sulphur content of flue gas must not exceed a limit corresponding to 0.1% sulphur content in the fuel. To meet the new provisions regarding sulphur emissions, shipping companies have the option of introducing more expensive low-sulphur fuel or liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuels, or installing sulphur scrubbers onboard, enabling the use of less expensive fuel with higher sulphur content.

Braren has agreed with its customer Södra Cell to install dry scrubbers onboard its time chartered vessels Timbus and Cellus, transporting pulp from Sweden to Central Europe. The scrubbers will be delivered by the German company Hellmich GmbH. Nordkalk has signed an agreement with Södra Cell concerning a turnkey absorbent service for the Braren’s vessels.

Further information:
Kjell Weppling, Director, FGD Vessels, Nordkalk Corporation, tel. +358 20 753 7376

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