Increased amount of Bore vessels in the cross channel trade with P&O Ferries

Bore and P&O Ferries announces today that they have agreed to add a further RoRo vessel to the long-standing partnership in the North Sea.

M/V Estraden will be added to the vessel portfolio sailing for P&O alongside M/V Norsky, M/V Norstream and M/V Bore Song. She will move to her new route in January 2015.

M/V Estraden is a similar vessel to M/V Norsky and M/V Norstream, which have proven suitable for the P&O cargo trade.

Bore has actively progressed towards sustainable shipping, decreasing the environmental footprint of its RoRo shipping. This has been manifested by decisions like installing NAPA Optimization on the vessels for fuel savings, wet scrubber system on M/V Bore Song, wind rotor system on M/V Estraden. These efforts are in line with the P&O environmental thinking and forms an integral part of the long-standing partnership in shipping.

Håkan Modig, Bore CEO said: “We look forward to deepen our cooperation with P&O by signing the new charter party for M/V Estraden to move into the cross-channel traffic between UK and the Netherlands thus supporting the P&O busy cargo trade in the North Sea.”

John Garner, P&O Fleet Director stated: “We are delighted to have reached agreement with Bore Ltd to charter M/V Estraden, which is equipped with Norsepower wind rotors and NAPA route optimisation equipment, which will reduce the ship’s fuel consumption.  M/V Estraden will enter service in January 2015 in our North Sea business.”

For further information contact:
Bore CEO Håkan Modig, tel + 358 9 61883 272.
P&O Ferries Fleet Director John Garner, tel + 44 1304 863000

Bore Ltd is a shipping company, wholly owned subsidiary of Rettig Group Ltd, with a fleet of 16 vessels. In 2013 the turnover was some EUR 65 million, capital employed EUR 212 million and the number of employees 380.

P&O Ferries is a shipping company that boasts the largest fleet of ships offering a wide range of services and facilities, the most comprehensive route network and the most frequent passenger and freight services to the UK.