Marcel Gestranius appointed Acting CEO of Nordkalk – A performance improvement programme to be launched

Nordkalk’s Board of Directors has appointed Marcel Gestranius (b. 1969, M.Sc.) as Acting CEO for Nordkalk as of 17 January 2019. Marcel has worked as CFO and member of Nordkalk’s Management Team since 2015. He will report to Matts Rosenberg, Chairman of the Board of Nordkalk and Deputy CEO, Head of Core Investments of Rettig Group. Marcel will continue his duties as CFO during the interim period.

The Board of Directors and Hannu Hautala have agreed that Hannu will leave his duties as CEO of Nordkalk with immediate effect. Hannu has acted as CEO of Nordkalk since January 2017. The Board of Directors has already initiated a process for recruiting a new CEO.

Simultaneously a performance improvement programme will be launched in the company. The objective is to elevate Nordkalk’s operational performance and improve profitability. Nordkalk has a strong core business, but at the same time significant potential for improvements to create a solid platform for growth.

Matts Rosenberg, Chairman of the Board of Nordkalk:

“Nordkalk’s employees are talented professionals and the company has more than hundred years of experience in the lime business. Based on a comprehensive full-potential diagnostic conducted in the autumn we now have a clear picture what needs to be done in order to turn the direction of the company. A new CEO is recruited to lead this significant step change in the company. On behalf of Rettig Group and the Board of Directors of Nordkalk, I would like to thank Hannu for his contributions to Nordkalk and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

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Matts Rosenberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nordkalk and Deputy CEO, Head of Core Investments of Rettig Group

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