News 21.01.2015

Nordkalk cancels redundancy of 35 employees on Gotland

Since Nordkalk was granted a renewed permit for the Klinthagen quarry on Gotland in Sweden on 20 November 2014, codetermination negotiations have taken place with the labour unions regarding a new organisation. The negotiations have now been completed and the employees have been informed of the outcome.
It is a pleasure to inform that we can retract most of the earlier redundancy notices and together with our personnel start looking to the future again, says Mikael Lindberg, Site Manager at Storugns.

The new organisation is adapted to the current permit and market situation. The redundancies announced earlier applied to 53.5 employees, of which 35 will be able to keep their jobs. The number of permanent employees in the new organisation will be 53 in total. The production will be reduced to a one day shift in the quarry.

Limestone is a necessity for sustainable development in a modern society. Limestone is an environmental product that is very useful for the environment in many areas. Gotland has a long tradition of limestone excavation since the early 17th century, and it is the most important region in Sweden in terms of limestone supply. For Gotland, lime industry is important for employment and tax revenues. It is possible to extract limestone while adhering to high standards of environmental protection and respecting the nature.

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Mikael Lindberg
Site Manager
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Nordkalk is Northern Europe’s leading supplier of limestone-based products. We offer sustainable products for various fields of industry, such as pulp and paper, metals and mining, construction and chemical industry. Our products benefit the environment through flue-gas desulphurisation, water treatment and soil improvement. We strive for more customer value with less environmental impact.

Nordkalk is a local supplier with activities at more than 30 locations mainly around the Baltic Sea. The company employs some 1,050 people, of which about 170 in Sweden. Nordkalk is a member of the family-owned Finnish Rettig Group.