Nordkalk criticises proposal for new Natura 2000 sites on northern Gotland in Sweden

In January 2015, the County Administrative Board of Gotland proposed an expansion of the Natura 2000 network on northern Gotland. The proposed area includes a number of land properties owned by Nordkalk.  The company has submitted its opinion on the proposal today on 6 March 2015.

The proposed Natura 2000 expansion covers the majority of Nordkalk’s land property on northern Gotland, a total of almost 900 hectares. Bunge Ducker, where a new limestone quarry is planned, is in the area in question. The proposal of the County Administrative Board poses a serious threat to both Nordkalk’ s operations and industrial activity in general on northern Gotland.

The County Administrative Board made the proposal by order of the Swedish government, but it is now much more comprehensive in scope than what the government required. The proposal appears to be an attempt to influence the ongoing legal process regarding the planned Bunge quarry, as well as to promote a plan for a national park, ignoring the government’s previous decision in which a part of Nordkalk’s land was excluded from Natura 2000. Extraction of minerals in Nordkalk’s area is defined as a national interest and given priority in land use.

In its statement, Nordkalk points out that as an authority, the County Administrative Board  has acted in an inadequate and biased manner, which is why the company considers that the proposal does not in its current form comply with applicable laws.

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Read the complete press release and Nordkalk’s statement in brief (in Swedish).