Our story

Rettig Ltd was established in 1845, when Pehr Cerelius Rettig (1811–1871) moved from Gävle in Sweden to Turku in Finland to set up a tobacco factory. Today the company continues to be held by the family and it is controlled by the 9th generation of the von Rettig family.

The business started as a tobacco factory in Hamburg in Germany in the 1770s. Later the business operations moved to Sweden and in 1845, Rettig established a tobacco factory in Turku, Finland. Since then, the company has throughout its long history been actively engaged in a broad range of industrial businesses such as shipping and later limestone, metal, confectionery industries and heating systems. With deep roots in the Finnish industry, Rettig Ltd is today a leading family held investment company in Finland.


1770 Steffen Cerillius Rettig became a tobacco master and founded a tobacco factory in Hamburg, and soon another in Ringkjobing, Denmark and another one in Carlskrona, Sweden.

1809 Steffen Cerillius’ son, Pehr Christian Rettig, establish a tobacco factory in Gävle, Sweden. He was also engaged in the production of iron, shipbuilding and in the shipping business.

1845 Pehr Christian’s son, Pehr Cerelius Rettig, founded a tobacco factory in Turku, Finland.

1897 Pehr Cerelius’ nephew, Fredric von Rettig, was actively involved in establishing Bore Steamship Company which sailed between Turku and Stockholm.


1926 Bore Steamship Company became a partner in the Finland South America Line company to serve the traffic between Finland and South America.

1940 P.C.Rettig & Co bought the majority share of a tobacco factory Ph.U. Strengberg & Co Ab in Pietarsaari, Finland.

1970 Rettig entered the heating industry as tobacco related health issues became relevant, and began to actively diversify its portfolio to other businesses.

1970 Rettig entered the heating industry by acquiring Purmo Tuote in Finland.

1970 Rettig stepped into the confectionery industry by acquiring Oy Merijal Ab in Oulu, Finland.

1974 Rettig set up a sales company in Germany to handle the export of the radiators of Purmo Tuote.

1975 Rettig enlarged its confectionary field by acquiring Oy Seres Ab in Turku, Finland. Later to other industrial businesses such as limestone, metal, confectionery industries and heating systems.


1979 Gilbert von Rettig took over the ownership and the responsibility for the company. The company was engaged in the tobacco, confectionery, metal and heating industries and shipping.

1980’s Rettig became the leading radiator manufacturer in the Nordic countries after the acquisition of several radiation factories in Finland and other European countries.

1984 Rettig expanded into the beverage industry.

1990’s Rettig divested all other businesses except heating, shipping and real estate.

2003 Rettig made a comeback into the lime business, first investing in Nordkalk and later becoming its sole shareholder.


2010 Rettig’s journey from an industrial conglomerate into a leading investment company began.

2016 Rettig exited the shipping industry as shipping company Bore was divested.

2021 Rettig divested its stake in Alandia. Rettig also divested Nordkalk and became a significant shareholder in SigmaRoc Plc., the new owner of Nordkalk. In September Rettig Group announced the intention to merge Purmo Group with Virala Acquisition Company resulting in Purmo Group becoming a listed company with Rettig Group as a majority shareholder.