Rettig Group becomes Aktia Bank’s shareholder

A new company RG Partners Ltd, in which Rettig Group Ltd and the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland are the largest owners, has on 1 March 2020 entered into agreements by which it would acquire 10.12 per cent ownership of Aktia Bank Plc (in total 7,078,115 shares) from several sellers, if the transaction is completed.

In the transaction, the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland would sell its entire shareholding in Aktia Bank (5,803,154 shares) to RG Partners and would become one of the owners in RG Partners with a 25 per cent ownership. The largest owner in RG Partners is Rettig Group with its 30 per cent ownership.

Other owners of RG Partners are Georg Ehrnrooth, Carl-Gustav Ehrnrooth, Henrik Ehrnrooth and Janne Larma through their companies.

The transaction with the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland is conditional upon approvals from the European Central Bank and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority for RG Partners to acquire a shareholding of more than 10 per cent in Aktia Bank.

If all parts of the transaction are completed, RG Partners would become Aktia Bank’s largest shareholder.

Matts Rosenberg, CEO, Rettig Group

“Aktia Bank is a good company with a stable growth. We believe that in the future Aktia Bank can accelerate its growth and profitability as well as renew its operations further, and as one of its significant owners we want to support this development. Investments like these are excellent opportunities for us to be involved in the growth journeys of companies. We look forward to co-operating with other owners of Aktia Bank in order to develop the company further.”

Dag Wallgren, CEO, the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland

“We join RG Partners to take part in the continuous good development we expect from Aktia Bank. In addition, we believe that the other co-owners of RG Partners will contribute with valuable knowledge and experience to further develop the company and thus increase shareholder value in Aktia Bank.”

Rettig Group is a Finnish family held investment company that creates value for generations through active and responsible ownership. Our Core Investments are Purmo Group (indoor climate comfort), Nordkalk (limestone-based products), Alandia (marine and yacht insurances), Terveystalo (healthcare) and eQ (asset management and corporate finance). Our investment through RG Partners in Aktia Bank is included in our Financial Investments.

The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) works to preserve, study and share knowledge about the Swedish cultural heritage in Finland. SLS is one of the country’s largest managers of assets for the public good and the largest private funder of research into the Swedish cultural heritage in Finland. SLS owns and manages the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland. The ownership in Aktia Bank through RG Partners is a financial investment that supports the goals of SLS’s asset management.

Aktia Bank: Disclosure under Chapter 9, Section 10 of the Finnish Securities Markets Act

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