Rettig Group Ltd Bore finalised the acquisition of Rederi Ab Engship

All shareholders in Rederi Ab Engship have now sold their shares to Rettig Group Ltd Bore. The agreements were signed in the presence of the Chairmen of the companies, Mr Kaj Engblom and Mr Cyril von Rettig, in Turku today.

Rederi Ab Engship is a Finnish family owned company that owns and operates 11 dry cargo and container vessels and RoRo carriers. The annual turnover amounts to EUR 30 million and the number of employees is 300. Rettig Group Ltd is a Finnish family owned industrial group focusing on three core business areas: Rettig ICC (hydronic and electrical heating, indoor climate regulation), Bore (shipping) and Tarkala (real estate development and rental). In 2005 the turnover amounted to EUR 600 million and the number of personnel is 4,000.