Rettig Head Office returns to Bulevardi

Rettig Group will move its headquarters back to Bulevardi 46, Helsinki on 26 June 2018. The company has occupied temporary premises in Mannerheimintie since September 2017 pending renovation of the Bulevardi building, which was originally constructed in 1880 and has undergone extensive modernisation over the last nine months.

Combining the new and modern with the old and distinguished

The basic spatial design idea was to convert an interesting historic building into modern and elegant business premises, while taking particular care to conserve a valuable architectural heritage for future generations.

Investment companies largely rely on teamwork, and previously confined spaces have been opened up to facilitate this approach by removing partition walls and creating more open work spaces. This clearance also allows light to propagate more freely through the premises.

Daily chats over coffee or a snack are vital for team building, and the various floors of the building now provide comfortable lounges for informal meetings or armchair working. Many staff members cycle to work or are otherwise keen on strenuous sporting activities, so the new premises provide showers and other support facilities for people with active lifestyles.

A restrained colour scheme, careful attention to detail and noise dampening design all help to establish new conditions that further reinforce the open, communal approach to working at Rettig. Top quality durable materials and solutions respectfully integrate new and modern elements into old and distinguished features, with Rettig ICC heating and cooling products providing the obvious choice for indoor climate comfort.

A century as a brewery warehouse

The Bulevardi building was originally constructed for Sinebrychoff, the oldest brewery in the Nordic countries. This company was founded in 1819 in Punavuori, a district that was then on the outskirts of Helsinki. To ensure adequate production facilities for brewing operations, a new storage and fermentation building was designed by architect Sebastian Gripenberg and built on the Bulevardi site in 1880.

The building was enlarged in 1890 based on drawings by architect Theodor Höijer, and it then served with its malt silos as a warehouse for Sinebrychoff for more than a century. A thorough and comprehensive renovation in 1990 converted the former warehouse into modern office accommodation that has subsequently served as the Head Office of Rettig Group, and the latest renovation similarly seeks to serve requirements of function and style for the next 3 decades.

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