News 18.12.2015

Tomas von Rettig appointed President and CEO of Rettig Group

Tomas von Rettig, BBA and CEFA, (35) has been appointed President and CEO of Rettig Group Ltd as of 1 January 2016. He is currently Deputy CEO of Rettig Capital, the parent company of Rettig Group, with focus on financial and strategic industrial investments. He is also a member of Rettig Group’s Board of Directors.

From 2013 to 2015 he was Vice President, Corporate Finance and Development of Rettig Group and member of the Rettig Group Management Team. In 2008 to 2011 he was Senior Portfolio Manager at Rettig Asset Management.

The present President and CEO, Hans Sohlström, starts on 1 February 2016 as President and CEO of Ahlström Capital. He will also be proposed to be elected member of Rettig Group’s Board of Directors at the forthcoming annual general meeting of Rettig Group.

“We are very grateful for Hans valuable leadership of Rettig Group and congratulate him on his new position. Despite continued challenging market conditions during the last few years, Rettig Group has clearly become a more profitable company. Thanks to good cash flow we have strengthened our balance sheet which has enabled us to grow through the recently announced acqusition of Italian Emmeti S.p.A. We look forward to continue our good cooperation through Rettig Group’s Board of Directors”, said Cyril von Rettig, Chairman of Rettig Group.

“Rettig Group’s mission is Value for generations. Our strategy is to focus on value growth supported by risk diversification and a strong balance sheet. I am very enthusiastic and honoured to take on the role as President and CEO of Rettig Group and look forward to continue the good work done so far by our highly competent personnel and management team”, said Tomas von Rettig, Rettig Group’s appointed President and CEO.

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Rettig Group is a Finnish family business that creates value for generations through sustainable and longterm growth. We focus on leading market positions and more customer value with less environmental impact. Rettig Group’s businesses are Rettig ICC – indoor climate comfort; Nordkalk – limestone-based products; and Bore – RoRo shipping services. The insurance company Alandia is an associated company of Rettig Group. In 2014, Rettig Group’s turnover was about EUR 933 million. Today the group has about 4,400 employees in 28 countries.